having 3 friends is a lot of work

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I literally have no one all of my friends hate me no one gives a shit about me on here I havent spoken to my internet friends properly for months im so alone and worthless and i have no one to talk to and I just want to die but I cant leave my mum behind


*loses argument* THIS IS WHY I NEED [insert bitter sjw bullshit]

"Tumblr is a safe place, now go kill yourself you stupid white cishet male scum!"


Beliefs that need to die:

  • Discrimination only counts if it’s institutionalized
  • Being an asshole will help oppressed groups gain rights 
  • It’s okay to generalize people based on immutable traits
  • You can be an activist and not educate people
  • Anti sjw = Anti sj

England always boasts about it’s free health care but when I went to tell them about my eating disorder/depression several times they dismissed it as “typical teenage problems” until I attempted suicide


Storm Is Coming

I used to be so kind, generous and care free and people always told me about how caring and nice I was and now im just a teenage girl version of a conservative, bitter old man


Start cutting off hands because they’re dangerous.